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Magical Meghalaya

Magical Meghalaya | 7 Nts

Langkawet 3N > Nongriat 1N > Cherrapunjee 2N > Serene River Island 1N

Day 1

Arrival Transfer

• The trip starts from Guwahati airport
• Participants are expected to reach Guwahati by noon
• The drive to Langkawet village in Meghalaya should take about 5 hours
• Overnight at a quaint retreat in Langkawet

Day 2

Mawkyrnot & Visit to Byrdaw waterfall

• After breakfast, set off to Mawkyrnot, a village about 30 min away from Langkawet
• Explore some of the amazing root bridges there, including the longest one in the world (3 hours hike)
• After a typical, simple Khasi lunch near Pongthung, set off for Byrdaw, an amazing waterfall in a quiet spot near Pomshutia village
• The hike to and from the waterfall should take about an hour
• Overnight at the same place in Langkawet

Day 3

Full Day Excursion to wakhadait & Umgnot River

• Drive to Wahkadait and reach by 10:00 am
• Trek down to Shnongpdeng (about 3 hours)
• Have lunch at Shnongpdeng and relax by the crystal clear waters of Umgnot River. Indulge in some boating or adventure activities
• Overnight at the same place in Langkawet

Day 4

On to Tyrna, Rainbow Waterfall & Nongriat

• Drive down to Tyrna (about 2.5 hours) and trek to Nongriat (about 3 hours) - descend down a seemingly endless staircase of 3500+ steps
• In the afternoon, those interested can trek to Rainbow waterfalls and back (3 hours)
• The others can enjoy a dip in an amazing rock pool nearby
• Overnight in a basic village homestay in Nongriat

Day 5

Visit Nohkhalikai & drive to Cherrapunjee

• After breakfast, tough 4 to 5 hours steep climb to Nohkhalikai through a beautiful, diverse evergreen tropical rainforest
• Those who want a simpler hike can retrace the path back to Tyrna
• Visit a couple of popular sights in Cherra after lunch
• Overnight in a comfortable resort or homestay in Cherrapunjee

Day 6


• The day's highlight is a hike to a couple of off-the-beaten-track waterfalls with serene rock pools
• Overnight in the same resort or homestay in Cherrapunjee

Day 7

Drive to Pobitora & River Cruise at Brahmaputra

• Check out around 10:00 am and drive to Pobitora, a lovely wildlife sanctuary near Guwahati
• The drive should take around 6 hours, including a stop for lunch on the way The evening's program includes a cruise in river Brahmaputra and a visit to a serene river island
• Overnight stay in homestay/resort

Day 8

Departure Transfer to Guwahati Airport

• Go on an elephant safari in the morning. You can spot scores of Rhinos, apart from wild Buffaloes and plenty of birds
• Check-out after breakfast and drive to Guwahati airport (2.5 hours) and catch a flight to your city

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