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Grand Meghalaya Assam & Arunachal Pradesh

Grand Meghalaya Assam & Arunachal Pradesh | 12 Nts

Cherrapunji 2N > Kaziranga 2N > Nameri 1N > Dirang 1N > Tawang 2N > Bomdila 1N > Guwahati 1N

Day 1

Airport Pickup, Guwahati to Shillong (100km/4hrs)

First of all we will pick you up from the Guwahati International airport and then we will take you to the Scotland of East - Shillong. We will be staying for the next four nights in the home of the clouds, Meghalaya. On the way to Shillong, you will get to see the beautiful Umiam Lake After enjoying the view there for sometimes and enjoying some delicious Momos, we will continue towards Shillong. On reaching Shillong we will take you to the local sightseeing of Shillong. The stay will be at Shillong.

Day 2

Shillong Sightseeing (80km/8hrs)

Next day will be a sightseeing day of Shillong and its neighbouring areas. Shillong is a beautiful city with a lovely weather. The sprinkling rain is the signature of the weather that is nowhere available but Shillong. Shilling has some amazing places to visit like the Wards Lake, Lady Hydari Park, the Elephant falls, the Shillong peak, Don Bosco Museum etc. The stay for the night will be the same place.

Day 3

Shillong to Mawlynnong & Dawki Sightseeing, Mawlynnong to Cherrapunji (245km/9hrs)

Shillong to Mawlynnong & Dawki Sightseeing, Mawlynnong to Cherrapunji Next morning, we will head out to Mawlynnong - the cleanest village of Asia. Mawlynnong also has a beautiful living root bridge constructed by the Mother Nature with the help of roots of living trees. After viewing the places of Mawlynnong, we will go to Dawki, a town situated at the border of India and Bangladesh. Dawki is famous for the Dawki Bridge over the Umngot River and boating on that river. After finishing the sightseeing of Dawki, we will go to Cherrapunji. We will stay for the night at Cherrapunji.

Day 4

Cherrapunji Sightseeing (60km/7hrs)

Cherrapunji Sightseeing Cherrapunji, famous for the rainfalls throughout the year and also known as the wettest place on earth is the best place to visit the waterfalls of Meghalaya. Cherrapunji also has a few living root bridges, like the one in Mawlynnong. The prime destinations in Cherrapunji are the Nohkalikai falls, the Seven Sisters falls and Mawsmai caves. The non-stop rain in certain seasons is also memorable experience. The stay will be at Cherrapunji.

Day 5

Cherrapunji to Kaziranga (370km/9hrs)

Cherrapunji to Kaziranga The next day, we will head back towards Assam for visiting Kaziranga and Nameri. We will first start towards Kaziranga in the morning. After reaching Kaziranga we will show you the local sightseeing places and stay there for the night.

Day 6

Kaziranga Sightseeing (80km/8hrs)

Next early morning, we will take you to Elephant safari of Kaziranga National Park. There you can enjoy the one horned rhinoceros and other wildlife from close proximity. After that we will take you out for the local sightseeing of Kaziranga like the orchid garden, the teagardens of Assam, local villages, ethnic villages etc. In the afternoon, we will take you for Jeep safari of Kaziranga National Park in any of the range of your choice. The night’s stay will be at the same place. Also, do not forget to enjoy the delicious Assamese fish curries during the stay.

Day 7

Kaziranga to Nameri (120km/3hrs)

Next morning, we will head towards Nameri National Park. After reaching there, we will take you to trekking inside the national park. Nameri is famous for its trekking inside the forest. After trekking, we will take you for river rafting on the Jia Bhoroli River. We will take you to the start point of the rafting and then wait for you at the end point of the rafting. The stay will be at a beautiful resort/hotel in Nameri National Park.

Day 8

Nameri to Dirang (160km/6hrs)

Next day, we will head towards Dirang valley. Situated in the foothills of Himalayan ranges, the views of the valley are wonderful. Dirang valley is mainly famous for are Dirang monastery, Dirang Dzong, famous for its architectures and tribal areas, a Kiwi garden, a Tibetan village and a mill running on hydropower. Dirang is also a well known tourist destinations for birders, as it is the home of Himalayan birds. Your stay will be at Dirang.

Day 9

Dirang to Tawang (145km/7hrs)

Next day, we will start towards Tawang. On the way to Tawang we will get a hot water spring. We will also stop at Vaisakhi where there is an Army canteen and a Dosa point. Before reaching Tawang we will get the Sela Pass at an elevation of approxmately 13700 feet, the Paradise Lake, and Jaswantgarh War Memorial. After that, we will show you the Nuranang waterfalls on the route. After reaching Tawang, we will show you the local sightseeing places of Tawang if time permits. The notable local places to see in Tawang are the Tawang monastery which is Asia’s second largest monastery, the Craft centre, the Emporium, Apple garden, the Sixth Dalai Lama birthplace, Tawang War Memorial and Nun monastery. Nun monastery can be also visited through a rope way. We will stay at Tawang.

Day 10

Around Tawang Sightseeing (150km/7hrs)

We will continue our sightseeing of Tawang and the places around Tawang next day. The Heart Lake, Sangester Lake, the Nagula Lake, the PTSO Lake, Y Junction, and Bum La pass are the notable places around Tawang. Please NOTE that Bum La Pass is situated at the border of India and China. So, in order to visit the Bum La Pass you need to plan a three day stay at Tawang, because the visiting pass for Bum La pass cannot be obtained within in a day. We will be staying at the same place for the night.

Day 11

Tawang to Bomdila (185km/8hrs)

Next day, we will start our journey back towards Bomdila. Bomdila has a beautiful monastery to view. It also has a beautiful market crowded by tourists, where you can shop your souvenirs and enjoy the local food and culture of Arunachal Pradesh. We will stay at Bomdila for the night.

Day 12

Bomdila to Guwahati (350km/8hrs)

Next morning we will start towards Guwahati. After reaching Guwahati, we will take you out for local sightseeing of Guwahati. The prime destinations in Guwahati are the Kamakhya temple, the mighty Brahmaputra River and its cruises, the Srimanta Sankardev Kalakshetra, the smallest river island in the world - Umananda etc. We will stay at Guwahati.

Day 13

Guwahati Sightseeing, Airport Drop (100km/7hrs)

After finishing all the sightseeing of Guwahati and the places around Guwahati, we will take you to the airport at the required time and drop you off there. And thus will end your trip.

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