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5+ Travel Experiences in Mizoram

A hidden beauty, a sparkling diamond in a throne of coloured gems, Mizoram is one of the finest treasures of India and its best-kept secret. Nestled amid the Seven Sister States, in the southernmost point of East India, landlocked between Tripura, Assam and Manipur and the countries Bangladesh and Myanmar, Mizoram is a unique blend of virgin forests, rolling hills and quaint village communities. But what makes Mizoram truly special is its stature as one of the safest destinations to visit, especially when it comes to safety for women, whether travelling alone or in a group.

Visitors require a special permit to enter the state, even domestic tourists. Infrastructure is not as good as in the major metropolitan cities of India. Yet, Mizoram rocks! It more than makes up for the lack in contemporary luxuries with its exquisite beauty, wonderfully hospitable culture and love for life.

Begin your acquaintance with the beauty of Mizoram at its state capital Aizawl, where you can experience Mizo in a nutshell with a visit to the Mizoram State Museum - a primer to Mizoram; visit the model Mizo Village at the Reiek Tourist Resort; and revel in the serenity of Solomon’s Temple, a beautiful church in Aizawl.

One can also visit the town of Champhai, the main trading centre of Mizoram courtesy its location close to the Indo-Myanmar Border. Goods such as clothes, Silver artefacts and electronics make their way from Myanmar and China into Mizoram through this town. The town of Champhai also serves as a great base to explore Hnahlan, an important grape growing region with many vineyards; the Murlen National Park and the Lengteng Wildlife Sanctuary; and Reh Dil, a scenic lake in Myanmar, which is believed to be the passage of departed souls to the eternal abode.

The Murlen National Park is so dense that only 1% of the sun’s rays penetrate the forest canopy on sunny days - making it comparable to the Amazon forests in South America. With 350-year old trees and wild animals like tiger, leopard and Himalayan Black Bear, the Murlen National Park offers great adventures. Parts of the forest are hailed as Land of no Return as not even 1 % of sunlight is able to penetrate the canopy in these regions, so caution is advised.

The Lengteng Wildlife Sanctuary is sprawled across the second highest mountain in Mizoram and offers a tamer experience of wildlife in Mizoram and a complete experience of nature - with many birds, orchids and much more.