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Assam & Arunachal Pradesh

Assam & Arunachal Pradesh | 12 Nts

Kaziranga 2N > Majuli 2N > Nameri 1N > Dirang 1N > Tawang 3N > Bomdila 1N > Guwahati 2N

Day 1

Airport Pickup, Guwahati to Kaziranga (240km/5hrs)

Your trip will start at Kaziranga. After receiving you at the Guwahati airport, we will take you straight to Kaziranga. Kaziranga is a national park located in Golaghat district of Assam. With an area of around 430 square kilometers it is globally famous for a wide range of wildlife species, and primarily for the one horned rhinoceros. After reaching the destination, we will take you to Jeep safari if we reach there by afternoon. Else if, the last jeep safari is over for the day we will take you out for local sightseeing of the place. There are numerous places around Kaziranga to enjoy. The orchid garden, vast tea garden areas, Rhinoland and amusement parks, hilly streams, nature camps, Karbi ethnic villages, Assamese local villages etc. are some local sightseeing places. The stay will be Kaziranga.

Day 2

Kaziranga Sightseeing (80km/8hrs)

Early in the morning, we will take you to national park tour on elephant safari. On the back of elephant you can enjoy the beauty of wildlife and breathtaking scenaries of Kaziranga. After that we will take you out for local sightseeing. Then again in the afternoon, we will take you out for jeep safari of another range of the national park. This time you will enjoy the jungle from the seat of a hoodless jeep. In the whole day of safari you will get to view wild animals like rhinoceros, deer and stags, Indian bison, Asiatic elephants, wild boar, bear, leopard, different species of Himalayan and migratory birds, and if lucky the royal Bengal tiger in its natural habitat. The stay for the night will be at the same place.

Day 3

Kaziranga to Majuli (135km/4hrs)

In the morning, we will set out for the beautiful river island in the heart of Brahmaputra - Majuli. Majuli, the only island district of India, is the largest river island in the world which has an area of around 1250 square kilometers. Majuli and its people are so beautiful that people from across the world fall in love with the place and then stay there for weeks. The island is so large that it is hard to believe that you are in a river. The stay for the night will be at Majuli.

Day 4

Majuli Sightseeing (80km/7hrs)

We will take you out explore the large island. The prime attractions of this place are the Vaishnavite culture of Hinduism and its very old institutions or monasteries, the tribal villages, and especially the cycle trips around the island. If you are interested, you can also meet the “Forest Man of India” Padma ShriJadav Payeng (depending on time and his availability), who is famous for creating a forest from a wasteland of around 1360 acres just by planting trees over many decades. Please inform us on our way to Majuli about your interest. You will stay at the same place.

Day 5

Majuli to Nameri (255km/7hrs)

We will set out for Nameri national park. Nameri is a national park located in the foothills of the Eastern Himalayas in Assam. Famous for a wide range of wildlife species, it is also popular among the tourists for adventurous activities like jungle trekking inside Nameri national park, river rafting over Jia Bhoroli River and angling in Jia Bhoroli. On reaching there, first we will take you out for jungle trekking where you can see different wild animals and enjoy the forest. Then will take you to the river rafting spot. You will stay at Nameri.

Day 6

Nameri to Dirang (160km/6hrs)

From Nameri we will go to our next destination, Dirang. Also situated at the Himalayan foothill valley in Arunachal Pradesh, it is famous for birding among birders of the world. The other prime attractions of Dirang valley are Dirang - Dzong, the Tibetan villages, the Tibetan architectures, and an old electricity mill. The stay for the night will be at Dirang.

Day 7

Dirang to Tawang (145km/7hrs)

We will set out to Tawang in the morning. As there are numerous sightseeing spots on the route to Tawang from Dirang, we will have many stoppages on that day. We will first show you a hot water spring just outside Dirang. Afterwards you also get to see places like Sela Pass (situated at around 13000 feet), Sela Lake or Paradise Lake, Jaswantgarh War memorial, and the Nuranang falls. After reaching Tawang, we will stay there for the night.

Day 8

Tawang Sightseeing (70km/6hrs)

On this day, we will show you all the local places within Tawang. Those places includes the second largest monastery in Asia, i.e. the Tawang monastery, Nun monastery, Sixth Dalai Lama birthplace, the Emporium, Apple orchards, the Craft centre etc. You can also enjoy rope way rides while visiting the Nun monastery. The stay will be at the same place.

Day 9

Around Tawang Sightseeing (150km/7hrs)

We will take you out for the sightseeing of places around Tawang in the morning. The following are the places we are going to visit on that day: the border of India and China at Bum La Pass, the Heart Lake, the Nagula Lake, the Sangester Lake, PTSO Lake and the Y Junction. Please note that if you are planning to visit the border at Bum La Pass, then you must choose one of our itineraries which have at least 3 days stay at Tawang. This is because the pass for visiting Bum La Pass cannot be obtained in a single day. You will stay at the same place.

Day 10

Tawang to Bomdila (185km/8hrs)

We will head back to Bomdila from Tawang on this day. Bomdila is a beautiful town also situated in the valley of Himalayan foothills. Nearby the town, there lies the Eaglenest Wildlife Sanctuary, famous for birding. Bomdila’s prime tourist attractions are Bomdila market, Bomdila view point, the Bomdila monastery, and Eaglenest Sanctuary for the birders. Your stay for the night will be at Bomdila.

Day 11

Bomdila to Guwahati (350km/8hrs)

From Bomdila, we will take you to Guwahati. Guwahati, the largest city in northeast, is also called as the gateway to northeast. After reaching Guwahati we will take you out for the local sightseeing of Guwahati. We will show you around the city, give you an idea of a city in northeast and the lifestyle of its people, and take you to view the sunset at the mighty Brahmaputra in the evening.

Day 12

Guwahati Sightseeing (100km/8hrs)

We will take you out for sightseeing of the city after breakfast. First we will take you to Nilachal hill to visit the Kamakhya temple, one of the ancient temples of India. Then we will take you to Umananda temple situated in the Umananda Island in the Brahmaputra. Umananda is the smallest river island in the world. The other places to check out in Guwahati are the Haigreev Madhav temple, the Balaji temple, Deepor Bil , which is a freshwater lake famous for migratory birds, Srimanta Sankardev Kalakshetra, Assam State museum, Assam state zoological and botanical garden, and of course the river cruises of the mighty river Brahmaputra.

Day 13

Guwahati Sightseeing, Airport Drop (100km/7hrs)

We will finish all the sightseeing of Guwahati before dropping you at the airport. And when time comes we will drop you at the airport.

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